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Percy Jackson Fanfiction Oc Son Of AphroditeHer beautiful shimmering hair, flickers between blonde, brown, red, and any other color imaginable. Percy Jackson and the Lemon Thief By: DirtyDelphi. The Hunters stuck around just long enough to play us at Capture the Flag, during which we finally broke our losing streak against the Hunters using Annabeth's genius brain to come up with a winning strategy that involved a lot of really ballsy Apollo kids and Aphrodite boys distracting and pissing off all of the Hunters by flirting, excessively. Read the most popular aphrodite stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Revenge on the one responsible for all this, as war rages on the. Lady Chaos rescues him and makes him part of her and her husband Lord Orders Council. Despite everything he had done, it wasn't enough. Please bring your own writing utensil in the future, Mr. Percy groaned as the warm wet mouth rose up and fell down upon his hardened cock. And in her arms, was another being, a newborn baby god. Son of the Huntress: DxD Chapter 0: OC Info, a Percy. It wasn't very odd to see a pair of the Olympians arguing over one thing or another, in fact, it was quite common. She was really her own group, she wasn't girly enough to be a Daughter of Aphrodite, she didn't steal enough to be a Daughter of Hermes, it was impossible to be a Daughter of Artemis without joining The Hunt (and don't think she wasn't offered). He is the son of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and war, and lady Sif, the Norse goddess of fertility and family. Charmspeaking is a rare type of hypnotism ability that chosen children of Aphrodite and Loki possess. When he entered his bedroom her laided down on his king sized bed. As in get-the-Hades-out-of-there-before-she-turns-on-you scary. Perseus "Percy" Jackson is the main character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Then he wishes to sire a child and his child is not only destined to save earth from utter destruction but he also has many things to endure on his journey to save earth. [general] why are fanfiction writers obsessed with pertemis? Percy Jackson rant [pjo] See more posts like this in r/camphalfblood. Drew took over the cabin after Silena died in The Last Olympian. Dealing with the usual quest from his father and the reappearance of one Percy Jackson at Camp Half-Blood is just part of the deal of being alive. Founder: Vanillite the Dragonslayer - Stories: 15 - Followers: 0 - id: 128724 A collection of well-written Son of Artemis stories. Percy Jackson is a shy boy while his sister Aphrodite Jackson is the popular girl at Greek High. To attain her birthright in the immortal halls of Olympus, she must first fulfill her destiny as a human. First while we were escorting two sons of Hermes to camp we were ambushed. 20 of the Best Percy Jackson Fanfiction Stories. The boy step out carrying Zoe, as soon as he put her down he back away. I am Perseus Jackson or as people close to me calls me Percy. The Complicated Love Life Of Jason Grace, a percy jackson. 15 years later she has been raised on Olympus. of Aphrodite Chapter 1: Aphrodite, a percy ">The Blessing of Aphrodite Chapter 1: Aphrodite, a percy. ] I seriously don't know what would happen to me, so picking either Aphrodite, Demeter, and Hestia is my best. From behind the one way Iris Message, Perseus smiled the smile of a predator, his pearly teeth glinting. Her throne was simple white marbled throne with lines of golden ivory encircling the throne. It can also be taught to people who are able to use magic, like Circe or Medea too. Child of Apollo (Percy Jackson) Ella Blum is known as one of the best archers at Camp Half-Blood. Percy's mother tried to protect him as much as possible, but Gabe was always around, and she had. Markos stood there for a moment thinking, the god of. He asked, still with the mind of a young boy despite his body of a young adult. The Youngest One By: 88Cupid'sChokehold88. "Monster" and with that Percy was flashed with the lights of seven auras. She has dark brown hair and green skin. , OC - Chapters: 33 - Words: 252,680 - Reviews: 405 - Favs: 2,010 - Follows: 1,877 - Updated: 7/17/2019 - Published: …. Percy Jackson just wants to get his mom back from Hell- and maybe put this broken Camp back together. After the birth of Thalia, Hera has had enough of Zeus cheating on her and decides to get pay back, like always. Shortly after the end of the Giant War, Percy is betrayed and called a traitor. At first his soul simply going to over Percy but after seeing his future fate decided to leave his knowledge with the baby along with his deep love for Aphrodite, even if she was not the same one as his. I have found out that I enjoy writing SI-OC stories, mostly bringing common sense in fantasy worlds that I find full with illogical holes of some kind. Zeus agrees, on his one condition. One was passed out in a queen sized bed curled up in a ball and covered by blankets. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - [OC, Aphrodite, Artemis] Annabeth C. Hera, exhausted with her brothers' attitude to their wives and out-raged with Zeus' cheating, takes her spite out on the mortal known as 'Sally Jackson'. There was a sudden shake of the earth and Aphrodite sighed and rolled her beautiful eyes "My husband is looking for me, I have to go now" she winked at the younger demi-god and blew him a kiss. I am still very much alive and breathing. The Reincarnated, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction. Dimly, she wondered if it was possible for Percy to fuck her until she passed out. My face must have been a thousand. Percy Jackson, Son of Aphrodite. " Beside him was a beautiful blond girl with stormy gray. Also I've been reading a lot of 'The Son of Neptune' fics that I really didn't seem to enjoy, so I thought that I'd write my own the way that I'd want it to happen. Also thanks to Annefuss who told me to bold my Author's notes. The firstborn daughter of Poseidon. An ancient being offers him a chance to relive his life and to take revenge on all those Completed. Though, different could be said for her sex life which is boring. Nico: son of hades and the ghost …. Perseus is the first born son of Hera and the second born of Poseidon. She stepped out of the shadow and there stood a beautiful woman with the most mesmerizing green eyes, very much alike his own. Son of Athena Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Percy Jackson. Rage of a Demigod Chapter 1: 1 I Hope This Guy Doesn't. Anyway I don't know Percy Jackson or the Son of the Huntress, so there now I can't be sued so Na na na aboo boo. For eons they have shielded him, but every secret must come to light. Kassian (last name unknown) is a 15-year-old teenager that has lived his whole life at Camp Half-Blood after his mother abandoned him after he was born. This grants him the ability to create pocket dimensions like an inventory to store items, also to gain any power through quests. "I vote for life, he saved Artemis and he is just plain awesome. Percy Jackson is rewarded by Aphrodite after the war against Gaea and has been gifted the unique opportunity to be the Champion of Aphrodite. Perseus Leonidas, Percy for short. He is the lieutenant of his mother, Aphrodite/Venus. Percy Jackson and his sister, Atlanta Jackson are about to be kicked out of boarding school…again. Thursday afternoon, however, he found he had potential in sword-fighting after he managed to disarm Luke. Eight hundred years later, two twelve year old boys, both children of Poseidon stumble into camp, one is in shock and awe about the Greek world but the other seems to have known about it and has skills that can rival the gods themselves. Percy Jackson; Alexander(OC) Artemis; Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Grover Underwood; Percy," Aphrodite swept her hair out of her face. This is the story of a boy from the Norse Pantheon, the son of one of the major Gods of the Aesir tribe. But with your old man the son of a powerful devil makes your life no walk in the park. In case you haven't figured it out yet. Follow him as he fights the most powerful monsters of Greek Mythology, in order to prove himself to Olympus and the World. Twitter; Facebook; Tumblr; in: Characters by Gender. " Percy gave the innocent looking pen to the Latin teacher. The child Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic. I was going to make this story into Percy and Artemis, but at the end, I just went with the flow and boom its, Percy and Hestia. " Naruto said, with Zoe wincing at the reminder. "Aphrodite!" Athena yelled trying to look for the vain goddess there was an emergency meeting and they needed every Olympian even if that Olympian didn't really matter to the cause of earth. The choice was made Chiron said sadly. I don’t care that much about my image like most of them, but I like romantic stuff, which sucks because I’m single. Also, I have an account on Wattpad and on each account I will have the same stories! So anyway, enjoy! Thanks my fellow Demigods! ~ Aura. "I would like to bestow a small token of my appreciation to Percy before he makes his answer," Aphrodite said to Zeus as she motioned to me. To the right of Zeus, sat his wife, Hera. The Child of Order Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the. There was a whipcrack sounded throughout the quiet sub-urb in surrey. He is a demigod, meaning he is half-mortal and half god. Tells of his life around Camp, his quests, adventures and perhaps later on some romance. But who is forgotten about, her power dismissed, and hidden, even by …. The Ugly Child of Aphrodite By: the unknown terrier. He had finally completed them and had been given a ring by Athena. Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson) When Percy turned down the offer of godhood he thought that was the end of the matter. "I'm interested in my version of your Aphrodite. Race: demigod (Godly Parent Aphrodite) Mortal parent: Mike Kennedy. " But before she could go any further, Percy spoke. Orion raped Artemis before he was killed by Artemis and Perseus is born. Aphrodite flashed a pearly white smile and caressed pipers cheek, with almost a tear beading in her eye. Sally Jackson is the daughter of the current vampire king, she left her old life behind and became Sally Jackson a clear sighted mortal. I thought before a bight hash light appeared in front of me. Romulus, in his anger, slew Remus, and. " There was a burst of thunder, smaller than when Chaos entered camp but still audible. Here he made a face, and mockingly replayed the assembled gods' reactions. not even Fury, but that's about to change. With realms heavily protected by each Olympian, Percy must navigate his way through Aphrodite’s treacherous realm in order to help Olympus. Percy Jackson Fanfiction is a website dedicated to all Percy Jackson related stories. Aden Hart and the Griffin's Feather- A Percy Jackson Story. Percy knew he would, his family had his back. Percy, Son of Tartarus by hero of all reviews. Following behind him were men with torches and swords, not a lot only about five. When he started to see mythological monsters away from his yard and sometimes even close, but being a baby, his scent was still not that strong. [ SoN - MoA ] [ Book One ] [ v!pjo x genderfluid!oc ] [ fem!oc & unlabeled!oc ]. Betrayal has made it's home in his life from the day he was born. Son of Artemis (Male reader) (Percy jackson fanfic) Fanfiction. Pertemis All Day, Everyday. Artemis (Percy Jackson) Poseidon (Percy Jackson) Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) Hera (Percy Jackson) Harem. All property owned by Rick Riordan and Hyperion. Zagreus is the Olympian God of Rebirth and is the only Olympian Deity that is shown to be able to go through a Rebirth Cycle at least once, he has been the half-brother of both the famous Heracles and infamous Adolf Hitler within his two lifespans, the only …. " She said, but Perseus was unsure. Which is probably why Eros is staring at him like he’s grown five heads, turned into a sheep and started doing a dance on hooves. The Son of the Moon Chapter 1: How am I possible?, a percy. It all came to a screeching halt when her father started dating a woman named Sally Jackson, and she realized that, in her past life, she had read a series dedicated to her son's life. The war against the Titans is over, and with healing comes celebration. Slowly, the baby yawned cutely. The Acrangel of God (Percy Jackson story) (OC Not Percy) Fanfiction. The Son of Aphrodite Chapter 12: Twelve, a percy jackson. Aphrodite's Divine Lust Chapter 1: Book 1: Piper, a percy. I can't remember her name but i remember the boys name is some form of Zain. He was in him and his mom apartment, and looked like he was getting ready to go on a trip, which was weird considering it was the middle of December. Casually sitting on the ceiling like it was a normal thing to do, laughing quietly, was a boy around 16, with hair as dark as night and a tanned complexion. Son of Artemis (Male reader) (Percy jackson fanfic). Son of the Sun Chapter 48, a percy jackson and the. "It seems that the boy doesn't know who he wants. Jackson not Stark (PJO and MCU) by SophtheWriter. Daughter of Zeus and son of Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) There's this Wattpad fic that's like really good and i can't find it. Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends. Son of a Hunter by RWBRyan reviews. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself — avoid trying to be something you're not. This is my first fanfic were Pjo Were our character Percy was already a god that ever exist before human walks the earth He a Wandering God of Fine Weather Seasons. But then the unnimaginable happens, and Percy gets a harem. I ran to my son and picked him up just as all of the other girls tended to each other's wounds. Percy: son of Poseidon god of the seas. A pair of eyes, swirling with colours ranging from purple, pink, red, and orange, slowly opened to look at Hestia. And you wrapped me in your arms and held me, and I could no sooner resist you than the tide could resist the pull of the moon. Her nipples pressing into his chest along with the soft mounds of flesh. Rhea held her new son in her arms and marveled at the fact she. Disclaimer: All rights aside from OC's to Rick Riordan. Perseus, the God of Fate, Time, Tide, Wolves, Loyalty, and Destruction was the Firstborn of Kronos and Rhea. Because of being the son of Hephaestus, Sehun is great at arts and crafts and gets easily inspired when doing art. In Greek plays, they are often referred to as "Tragic Flaws". I will exact my revenge on your sons and daughters. Hi I'm Percy Jackson, you may have heard of me as the two time savior of Olympus and survivor of Tartarus. Love all of you who read this! Oh and please if you have any ideas please give them to me I would very happy if you did that, but please no flames I hate swearing, sorry just a personal preference. Aphrodite shamefully fell to the floor,her dress rising up,exposing her to all of them. Zeus ask's her to go undercover at a school in London, Hogwarts. A poisonous scale that seem to be big enough to be a shield. (fem!oc x apollo) (fem!oc x percy jackson) (the lightning thief- the last olympian) (book one; raze series) (started:. "And, if there is no other business, we're done here. So I had this Idea from a long time. "It was like a bad horror movie!. First, it was Percy, who was just made the God of Loyalty. Seafam Week 2023 (Percy Jackson) Amphitrite tucked Percy’s hair back, gently adjusting the bands on his arms and making sure he was all set for his first foray onto land. 7 years later the goddess of love gives him the chance to do everything again. Percy gave a small gulp at the military-like tone. Percy Jackson Love Of Aphrodite Chapter 1, a. " The comment drives Drew Tanaka, the head counselor of the. She did not know the reason of her son's fear until she looked back and felt cold metal going through her body. When they become Olympians, Artemis starts the hunt. Read summery before reading actual story, might help. Author's Note: I do not own anything Percy Jackson. OR: Percy should've known rejecting his father's powers and hiding out amongst the Hunters of Artemis for the past few decades wouldn't save him from Aphrodite's clutches. Bisexual Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) BAMF Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Piper McLean & Leo Valdez Friendship. A child of Aphrodite should've known all about love, but what if that child is unable to experience romantic and sexual attraction? OC as an non-binary aro-ace child of the goddess of love. Son of Hera and the Sea Chapter 1: Hera, a percy jackson. Dealing with your abusive ex, raising a young kid, working day and night to support your own business, life can be tough sometimes, …. He grew up with his dad Sully Jackson and is currently blessed by Chaos as the only one with the power of the Gamer. " Zeus had gone as stir-crazy as the rest of them in the last five years. Follow/Fav Son of Demeter By: ELIROXSOX1175 Barley has a great life, his mom's a great cook, he does well in school even with his adhd and dyslexia, but his perfect world crumbles due to a single loaf of bread. The Destroyer of Olympus by Drew1997. He goes to a bar and gets so drunk that by the next Completed baby romance perodite +8 more # 4 The Hollow God by Dr. Percy Jackson Fanfiction Stories. Based in Camp Half-Blood, a new camper is still settling in. Soon after the bushes parted and a man with a lions coat on his back and a wooden club in his hand came out of the bushes. Son Of Nick Fury (Percy Jackson x by Brody Crimson. The man gave the boy a smile as he looked into the child's eyes. He goes to a bar and gets drunk to try and forget his pain if only temporarily. One such argument was happening right now, Demeter and Hephaestus were arguing over a. She turned to Zeus who was behind her widening his jaw. Percy is betrayed by everyone he knows except a few. Third, Zeus actually respected the demigod made god for all his deeds. percy jackson aphrodite!percy au hes so pretty i want to cry . After the Giant War the Fates force Godhood on Percy. The True Son of Order and Chaos Chapter 10: Love. Half Truths Lead to Misunderstandings (Not Dead, Update Coming Soon) The Avengers have been keeping tabs on a mysterious kid who the believe to be a terrorist. During the fourth great ninja war he Was fighting Madara And Juubi where he absorbed them both. Browse through and read aphrodite fanfiction stories and books. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Thanatos, OC, Cupid/Eros - Chapters "Finally!" For the first time in months, the son of Thanatos smiled, revealing his perfect white teeth. Unfortunately, Zeus and his brat son had completely curb stomped me. Percy Jackson is a son of Neptune that has just finished his training with Lupa and is now ready to go to Camp Jupiter. The Aphrodite Cabin is falling apart and Cassie Adonis, the newest camper in Cabin #10 is tasked with keeping her alive. I had Heartbreaker but I deserved my fate. The son of the sea god was too disoriented to realize he was no longer standing. " Percy turned around and sure enough, there was a notebook. His hips started twitching and rocking as he came to his climax, spurting his seed into her glistening wet pussy. Son!, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic ">He's MY Son!, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic. It spawned The Camp Half-Blood Series and eventually the Riordanverse; the Sequel Series, …. With the pain and trauma from being betrayed by someone she was romantically interested in such a way caused Andromeda to develop a disdain for being in a relationship and a slight case of androphobia. Disclaimer: Let's just say if I owned the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, or any of the films and books I write fanfics for, I'd be a lot richer and probably live in the Caribbean. Percy could remember the feeling of weightlessness. He knew it would be after the Gods have given them their awards. Son of Hades, Alain Gerra knew this very well. A woman appears from the tree and snaps her finger in front of the boy and says, "You will forget you saw this and go back inside. Renee just looks a little taller than normal with a bit more muscle than a normal girl. I can see it in his eyes and the smell of the sea is on him. However thankfully I looked up, and it was just an iris message. A Spark (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Rosey. "Because, Percy, Zeus took my quote literally and, without telling anyone else, made a decree which you can find on your bed stand. Rise (Percy Jackson x Reader) by s. Son of Ares By: WritersBlockGirl94. Gabe was constantly yelling at him, calling him names, and hitting him when he felt like it. Well hear we are with my newest Fanfiction and my first ever Naruto/Percy Jackson And The Olympians fic. It's been a while since I read it. For the most part he's kept to himself and stayed out of the Second Titan War, but everything changes when an old crush of his is freed from her tree. Protective Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano. Percy half mortal and half pure power. In which Lily Potter tries to summon Mother Magic, but through a miscalculation, she summoned another moon goddess entirely. Althea is the daughter of Aphrodite and has been at Camp Half-Blood. BAMF Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Annabeth Chase-centric (Percy Jackson) BAMF Percy Jackson. Percy grabbed it and opened it, looking at Zeus' decree. On the bright side, my cabin is full of children of the love goddess, Aphrodite, who know exactly how to cure an aching heart—If it wasn't for my siblings, I'm not entirely sure how I would've survived that. Constructional Criticism allowed and wanted. He had been Eleven when he discovered that he was the son of the great God Poseidon. She hated math, so Daughter of Athena was out. He'd had a step-father, but he refused to live as that jerk's personal punching bag. "Really? I don't really like the main character. It sounded easy enough and the head counselor of the Aphrodite Cabin should be able to complete the task with ease, but like other heroes, things were never that simple. Now raising Percy Jackson and trying to keep him safe from the other gods and monsters, the Goddess of Love unknowingly changes the fate of now only Percy, but her own. If you didn't know, Aphrodite has mostly daughters and it is almost rare to have a son. Then the others began to walk in. Percy Jackson; Alexander(OC) Artemis; Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Grover Underwood; Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson) Chiron (Percy Jackson) Poseidon (Percy Jackson) Thalia Grace; Clarisse La Rue; Hestia (Percy Jackson) Athena; Kymopoleia (Percy Jackson) Zoë Nightshade (Percy Jackson) The Hunters of Artemis (Percy …. Percy Jackson; the SHEILD Agent by ThornJinx. His slow sense of talking was. I had to do what was best for …. The consequences are more than he can bear. Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types. Give me some suggestions, but make them outside the box. Piper sighed and trudged on and as she got closer Aphrodite got more beautiful and piper more jealous. Hestia always made sure that her love was hidden from the Love Goddess but since she was pregnant her powers were a bit hay-wired. The Prince of Olympus Chapter 1, a Naruto + Percy Jackson. Follow/Fav Aphrodite's Divine Lust. Annabeth is getting married, but not to Percy. The Argo ll crew just rescued Persephone Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Tartarus. He had a tuft of pitch black hair on his head. " "Sweetie before I forget this is a onetime thing, once we go you can never come back. Son of Pontus By: Lennie Jackson. Crossover - Harry Potter & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English. percy jackson/fem!oc/annabeth chase originally posted on Wattpad @SognoDiPapaveri Son of Neptune only! Series. She started to pant and chant, "go on my boy! Percy! Ohhh! Hmmmm! Ahhh!" Her juice flowing over my tongue and making me more and more horny. The southern son of an exiled werewolf and grandson of Aphrodite come to CHB, only to be issued a quest as soon as he crosses the magical barrier. Sure, I might get chased by the Hunters if I get Diana or probably ousted by the Legion if I get Minerva, but the gap from the children of the big three to those of the other Olympians in the books is massive. Son of Fate and Bone, a Naruto + Percy Jackson and the. " The flash of darkness and shadow filled the room, the inhabitants felt the temperature drop and stood back from the newest arrival. Tony finds out that he has a long lost sister and a nephew. Suddenly she heard the woman scream in pain,… followed by the monster, a …. The ruler of the skies looked at Percy and smiled a cruel smile resembling the one Percy had once seen on Luke's face once. Sons and daughters of Aphrodite. Percy breaks up with Annabeth and run away from camp after the Giant War. The god of fire, forgery, metals, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, and volcanoes. He's MY Son! By: The German City. " And whispered to Percy, "Where's the Aphrodite table?". I was born to Jamal Erastis and Aphrodite, but I knew neither of them. "I know what I like, it just isn't you, not after you tried to invade my mind. Perseus, the seventh child of Rhea, defeated his father, alongside Zeus, saving the other five children of the Mother Titan. Hera laughed a small amount and started rocking her new child in her arms to get him to sleep. AU - When tragedy strikes as Sally Jackson dies in childbirth, Aphrodite offers to raise the son of Poseidon after discovering a loophole in the law, allowing her to raise another …. He stood at 6'8 and both his iris and pupils were bright shade of yellow. Percy Jackson and the Aphrodite Trap. And Poseidon and Aphrodite are twins. - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,735 - Reviews: 181 - Favs: 481 - Follows: 518 - Updated: 10/20/2014 - Published: 8/22. In an Accident, She accidentally gave birth to you the way Athena does to her children. When the time comes will he choose to. Nathan shot upright, he looked around, realised where he was and relaxed. When Percy is recalled to Olympus he is quite doubtful about the future. When it ended he was teleported to his mother's world by the Shinigami. She gasped in surprise, and I tore open her legs, staring at the …. In Percy Jackson Universe, some children of Aphrodite has charmspeak while with Hephaestus (is it the correct spelling?) can summon fire. The goddess of the moon nodded curtly to her companions, then directed her attention at Percy. "No! I won't forgive you, or any of you!. Over time Zeus came to actually like his nephew. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. The saying that Athena always haves a plan. Oh how wrong could he have been!. Zeus Being an Asshole (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) Imagine you are Hera Nikolaos. He palmed both of them and squeezed, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout the goddess. She gave a sultry lick of her lips to a cute little nymph. Maira Potter was conceived a goddess but fated to be born a mortal. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have survived countless …. An amalgamation and legacy of two ancient bloodlines of the sea. When he saw that the woman was alone his eyes seemed to glow a dangerous electric blue. Hephaestus is the god of forges, fire, technology, craftsmen, sculptors, volcanoes, and blacksmiths. With her bratty half-sister Drew, a brawny warrior, and a cute but annoying kleptomaniac she embarks on a journey that will change the face of Olympus forever. Conquest Chapter 1: Intro, a percy jackson and. She walked back to her throne and took seat, waving her hand so that four comfortable, black leather chairs appeared just in front of her. On Zeus's left side was his brother,my father, Poseidon. They had won the war, but with a great cost. Thus making the new one a newborn primordial. "Thank you," she whispered, stroking the bird. Percy Jackson Fanfic: The Strongest God Chapter 1: Perseus, a percy. WHAT IF NARUTO SON OF APHRODITE BORN AS DEMON. With her twin sister dead, her family falling to pieces and monsters hunting her where ever she walks she must head to the only safe place for Demigods in the country, Camp Half-Blood. "Percy and Annabeth, demigods, have defeated the Titans, and Gaea, and are in love as any couple in history, and have pledged to marry. A young man sat on my mother's couch. Aeneas was born a demigod, the son of Aphrodite (Roman Venus) and a mortal shepherd named …. And if you ever wondered what the Percy Jackson Universe would be like IF Kronos had won, then read on. The campers laughed and jeered, Elena could hear Chiron and Annabeth trying to calm them down, but they just kept going. Naruto, Son of the Heavenly Rabbit Chapter 13, a Naruto + Percy Jackson. In a world where children of the Big Three are killed when they are discovered due to a war in the 1940's, Percy has to hide the fact that he is a son of Poseidon in order to survive. " Ginny nodded before she and the Phoenix Fawkes left. To want someone ─ to love someone ─ is to lose a part of yourself. Not if a certain goddess has anything to do with it. It had only been a few months since Damen had been born, but he would be considered to be a four or five year old toddler in the mortal world. Book 5: The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson) Arju was the son of Olive, God Of Peacocks and Argus, God of Surveillance. His father, Zeus, felt terrible for his son and turned him into a Pine Tree that now protects Camp Half Blood from all monsters. In a second there I was, sitting on a bench at the school patio watching the girls, sharing a bag of Cheetos with Markus, . The Son of the Sea by SilverFalcon0000. She thinks it's ironic that she's known as one of the best archers, considering when she first came, she almost killed someone. I was about to leave until I saw something that made my blood boil and my wrath skyrocket. Hi everyone! I don't normally write for the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom, but I thought that I'd give it a shot because I love it so much. Sylvester Matthews and the Olympians: The Son of Hades. He thrust hard and fast, all while she squirmed and struggled desperately. He examines it for a minute before tossing it to Zoe. Lately mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking straight out of the pages of their Greek Mythology textbooks and into their lives. AU,Olympian Perseus, godlike- duh - Percy X Aphrodite X Athena X Artemis. Quizzes Stories People Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Tests Surveys + Featured Quizzes & Stories. The boy sobbed as he started to lose consciousness. He’s a son of Apollo and is the camp’s lead healer. It was a strange feeling after being on a doomsday clock that Percy was feeling anxious. The sea god caught it and sent the bulk of his power out into his oceans for the first time in five years. “Do that again and I assure you my lord will kill you,” Metis assures with a voice that could haunt thousands of mortals. "I always knew it would be you. He is the eponymous hero of Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid as well as Rome's ancestral founder, being the ancestor of Romulus, the founder and first king of Rome. Follow/Fav Daughter of Discord. "I want to fight you," Percy Jackson said without preamble, his hand clutching a pen that he assumed to be a weapon. , Artemis] Hestia - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,123 - Reviews: …. The next few days were hectic for Alexia. , OC - Chapters: 17 - Words: 95,963 - Reviews: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my first PJO fanfiction! :). Son of Hera Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic. Perseus was the son of Poseidon and Aphrodite. Percy's normally messed up hair was gelled back, giving me a better look at his sea green eyes. Out by the sea a lonesome goddess laid. His best friend, a satyr named Juan. Thanks for your interest! I was standing in the throne room and I could hear the words coming from Zeus. At the thought of Jason her passion dimmed but not enough to stop her heated make-out with the son of Poseidon above. But they know that something is different …. Already, Annabeth could feel another climax rising within her. She was ultimately killed by the Lydian Drakon in the Battle of Manhattan. "Poseidon, we will start with you. "I will be back in a week, I promise. Now there was two very powerful beings in a cave on the island of Crete. One was in full grey armor and a bright, red scarf. " MAMA!" he cried over her body, feeling a dark hole consume his heart, his soul. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a middle-grade Urban Fantasy series by Rick Riordan based on Greek mythology. Turns out the voice belonged to a god. Castilla Knight is the daughter of Hades and Lena Knight. Daughter of the Sky Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Percy. Percy only knew three gods personally- Aphrodite, her boyfriend Ares, and her son Eros. She could hear his thoughts so she knew what he was thinking 'He's Jealous. A screeching cry pierced the silent air of the hospital in the middle of the night, welcoming the life of a newborn babe that would play an integral role in the world. Follow/Fav Maelstorm Son Of The Underworld. This was nothing like kissing Jason. But when nightmares of her father plague her sleep. Will contain elements from the God of War Series game. Perseus: The Son of Hera SuperWonderBoy. Aphrodite/Percy Jackson; Hestia/Percy Jackson; Calypso/Percy Jackson; Percy Jackson/Piper McLean; Thalia Grace/Percy Jackson; but we feel stationary, and bored. After consulting my father, Chaos, we decided that the reason why all of my other children died young, was because of Erebus and me conceiving. She ate him shortly after she used him. He and Artemis grew up together and fell in love only for a disaster to take him away from her. " She felt cold tears stream down her face, and brought up her sleeve in an attempt to cover it. The Siren's music has an oral hypnotic effect. Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) Percy Jackson; Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Piper McLean; Additional Tags: Sexual Content; Mystery; Fantasy; Language: English Stats: Published As I did so, Aphrodite began to look more like my girlfriend, Annabeth. The only way to defeat him is to seek aid from an unlikely ally. Clapping his shoulder and laughing. The Lightning Thief (graphic novel) The Sea of Monsters (graphic novel) The Titan's Curse (graphic novel). It isn't long before she pinpoints this feeling: the curse of Aphrodite. Lone Demigod by Destiny Owl reviews. if you wish vote in a review ok or if you wish this same poll in on my bio. During the War Council Meeting, it is shown that she has had a bitter rivalry with the Stoll brothers (Travis and Connor), ever since they …. Hera went off her throne and took her son in her arms, looking at him with a smile on her face. His Roman counterpart is Cupid. I mumbled as I followed Thorn and the hunter. Piper: daughter of Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. Aeneas was a Roman demigod, the son of Venus and the Trojan prince Anchises. Camp Half-Blood is a Greek demigod training facility located on the north shore of Long Island. It took some more convincing for him to let her go, and one day Percy watched his twin sister ride the scallop shell west to Lacedaemon. Percy is the natural born son of Chaos and Aphrodite. Follow him on his adventure to sleep with the world. After decades of searching, Shirou failed to find Avalon. I saw my son and the Uchiha clash, the latter was knocked back. Ren Ravenwood is not a son of one of the Big 3 but still incredibly powerful in his own right. Summary: My name is Percy Jackson. When the Sirens sing, they sometimes reveal …. Betrayed Son of the Sea Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the. There will be blood, lots and lots of blood, and language. silent swan Chapter 4: the son of mars, a percy jackson. Aphrodite jumped at the sound of his voice,which was a big mistake on her part,because the cracked heel finally gave way to her weight and broke. Perseus is Percy and yes there will be more chapters. I will also include my own story, which the OC's are from. AN: First fanfic, before accusing me of copying someone, know I have probably not read that story. Dark Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) Possessive Behavior. The Ugly Child of Aphrodite Chapter 4, a percy jackson and. - Chapters: 11 - Words: 16,693 This one's called "The true son of Order & Chaos". Leto is tired of having spent the last few millennia childless and alone. Standing on the other side of the clearing, opposite the crater that was meant to be them, was a chuckling Naruto – Percy and Annabeth hanging from under his arms, the latter looking as confused as everyone else to still be alive. With an unhealthy amount of ambition and a questionable set of morals, he strives to attain everything in his new life. You are a true hero, and one that deserves a blessing. But he is shocked when the Fates and the Gods agree to give him a Harem of Concubines because he saved ALL their lives. She began to breath deeply and urged me to go on. The Ugly Child of Aphrodite Chapter 1: Prologue, a percy jackson and. Inspired by SoulReaperCrewe's son of the Huntress: the lightning thief. After the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto thought that he could finally start a life he always wanted, until two goddess apppear at Konoha and the true origin about his parent finally unfolded. She's what you would call Little Miss Perfect. The only person in the world that he loves is his mom, Sally Jackson. I'm Percy Jackson, the 19 year old son of Poseidon and yes, the greek gods are real. Thirteen's Reality Check by Percy Jackson, son of now-deceased Sally. Only the best can fit into this community. " Zeus' voice boomed throughout the throne room. - THE SEA OF MONSTERS (33-43): Coming off a mostly normal school year, Percy is faced with another earth-shattering problem: the Camp's protections have begun to fail! With a little help from an old friend, Percy sets his sights on the one thing he knows can save camp- an apple from the Garden of Hesperides. #aphrodite!percy on Tumblr. Son of Hera and the 13th olympian. However, there was one that I remember loving about two years back that I want to reread. Looks: (The left eye scar came from a Manticore, And the Right scars came from a Battle with Ares) Weaponry: 1. Son of the Love Goddess Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction Son of the Love Goddess By: Mythical Words I gulped. He enters a world where the different secretwars. She gagged as it forced its way into her and down her throat. Percy is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save. Bio – Percy is the son of the Fates. However, th Read the most popular percyjackson stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Avengers Crossover. Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) Additional Tags: Crossovers & Fandom Fusions; Alternate Universe 2021-06-10 Updated: 2021-06-11 Words: 12,877 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 14 Kudos: 102 Bookmarks: 35 Hits: 4,889. Stay away from Aphrodite girls.