Radioreference Forums It also reminds me of a list I once saw on the radioreference forum after googling for more of these examples. The best solution given the very basic info you have given would be a single repeater located near the middle of your coverage area, with two voting receiver locations at either end of the island tied into a voting comparer located at the repeater location. RichardKramer said: Using a BC436 handheld; the dmr signal was very strong; but the audio varies from quiet to booming in at times. In today’s digital age, having a unique and eye-catching profile picture is essential. V8 Supercars teams use Kenwood NXDN Nexedge digital radio system for communications operating in NXDN4800 mode. Device monitor connects just fine, DB is up and running, no issues there. Net version change from Windows 10 1903 and later breaks a bunch of things, namely the ability for RPM to parse the COM ports. A forum for reviews of scanner and receiver hardware along with related accessories. Nothing will log me in the forums expect the phone I’m using. 7 64-bit driver from: Zadig - USB driver installation made easy. step 6 set my channel tag to eb pd. If you let sit turned off for a while , when turned back on will work right. I have been searching for "Thunderbirds" and "413. Many of the SDRs listed here have links found in the SDRs with HF Coverage article. They offer, on this RadioReference Forum site, on …. When i got a new license in 2007, my old one wasnt associated with my FRN, since it pre-dated the "current" system, and I dont think it ever actually got affiliated with my FRN, because is not there now at all with the rest. com, move your mouse pointer over the Data. Delaware Incidents and Breaking News. com Forums">United Kingdom Scanning. 9 MHz, which is allocated to non-commercial educational, public and religious broadcasters. Joined Jan 4, 2009 Messages 8,110. Which of these amps should I get?. Forum for discussing Radio Information in the State of Tennessee. After installing a fresh copy of the latest Motorola Professional Series CPS R06. com through the GREdit500 software for Harvey County in Kansas (uses the KSICS - Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System, Which is Project 25, Phase 1). Announcements and News of interest to the entire RadioReference/Broadcastify Community. Computer Aided Monitoring and Programming. Thank you Jeff for responding, Since I posted this and since you responded (just saw your response) I have bought a used Radio Shack Pro-433 scanner on Ebay. Typically each series or individual radio requires its own software package. Reports are sent using automated voice transmissions, in the upper sideband or J3E mode. As of 2010 aeronautical enroute and flight test stations may use 8. I went to my phone and try to log in through safari browser and was able to log in by using cell tower not wifi modem. Rhode Island Radio Discussion Forum. I understand that, however UPMan had indicated they would likely be releasing a second dmr pre-release firmware file. In my pickup, I am currently using an Icom 5100A dual band Amateur transceiver with Airband receive only. They were part of the business band if I have that right and some of the current itinerant business channels are near the MURS channels. Please feel free to add any commonly asked questions and answers related to these 2 scanners here. Forum for discussing Radio Information in the State of New Hampshire. see all of the negative comments on the gre forum, and my mini review. On the GPS puck, cut off the 9 pin serial connector and prepare all four wires. com Forums To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software: Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold (or was sold) by the manufacturer for any monetary value. Need Help With Radio Purchase NE Ohio. The same goes for Litchfield County, except it's more like a 70/20/10 split between analog, P25, and DMR. Major Bus Accident Rt 84 Orange County. com Forums">License Question. 1 Naming; 2 Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs; 3 Utah County Fire Agencies. My house has 3 floors, and I'm thinking of putting an antenna on the roof (if that's a good idea) and running a cable down into the 1st floor where it could connect to the scanner. There aren't any other stickers so i don't even know where and when was it made. - This is just a basic program and may not be perfect. Analog only trunktracking scanner. 575 MHz for security operations at several of their plants here in Michigan. Even if you want the same ID in the different systems, It will use the ID for the overlapping number of systems and then the "new" systems will get a 1. We have tried pinging Radio Reference website using …. With respect to text or data entered into and stored by publicly-accessible site features such as forums and database ("RadioReference. As simple as updating your smartphone, GE Profile …. I will be visiting Florida next month and I'm programming my scanner. Adams County Public Safety-- P25 Phase 2 TRS serving Adams County Adams County Public Safety Radio IDs-- list of Individually Known RIDs/UIDs (LEO's NOT included). I programmed in the Rutland Regional Dispatch PD and Fire, and the reception is terrible. Also, check the notices and install MBElib if you feel it is necessary. From The RadioReference Wiki The Uniden SDS200 is a mobile/base scanner manufactured by Uniden America announced in Q1 of 2019 with an introductory MSRP of $749 (USD). Filter: 12kHz/24kHz (tried lots of manual ranges to get tight on the signal but doesn't seem to have any effect). 6BD" is an ISSI Inter-WACN/Inter-System roaming agreement with the Indiana Hoosier SAFE-T system, specifically to the "St. Yep, and to mention, many of RepeaterBook's information is inaccurate and erroneous. Michigan Radio Discussion Forum. Stridsberg MCA208M/N 8-port coupler $250. This is because the manual has such poorly written instructions that are as "clear as mud". 2022-10-31 The system is still in operation, with LTR blips on almost every frequency, but no talkgroups were decoded during the entire 24 hour period. Discuss use of digital voice technologies on the amateur radio bands. 6,340 Foot Siding - Milepost AK469. TG 42272 - Site ? Thread starter qlajlu; Start date Sep 16, 2007; Status Not open for further replies. It works by using two dongles, one to monitor a TETRA trunking channel, and the other to decode voice audio, although a single receiver mode …. Step 3: Begin application for a GMRS license. ,Hits,Duration,Start Date / Time,End Date / Time,System / Site,Department,Channel,System Type,Digital Status,Service Type. When i get my Motorola HT1000, i would like to program the repeater frequency i use to talk on, if It's still up. Joined Nov 13, 2004 Messages 1,438. Once you do that, go to scan and build your scan list. General discussion forum for amateur radio topics not covered by the above forums. Southeast Martinez (GA) - Milepost AK468. Keep in mind the WS1065 is a P25 Phase-I capable …. Browse Near Me Submit MyRR Search Database. I am now working on a e-book about military satellite radio communications. If all fails attempt a firmware upgrade, reflash. com Forums">Community Announcements and News. RTL-SDR dongles are capable of monitoring a ~2. UK Radio Discussion Forum. For M/A Com/Harris/GE, etc: there are two software packages that program all current and past radios. BLUE HIGHLIGHT in the excel spreadsheet are changes or "confirmations" of in use frequencies and PL/DPLs in use at the Coke Zero …. He can scan from 215-230 till the cows come home, he ain't finding a …. Building on Ian and Eric's threads for 'Understanding ' other DMR/NXDN formats, I didn't see one for Hytera XPT. If your license has expired and you haven't applied for a renewal, to the best of my knowledge, you can't legally operate. It was discovered that new BCD996P2 scanners have a problem receiving P25 frequencies above 170 MHz in the high VHF band. 4) Under the "Browse by County" section, select your county from the pull-down list and click …. The FCC private land mobile radio narrowbanding rule only affects Part 90 Public Safety Pool and Industrial/Business Pool frequencies in the 150-174 MHz, 421-430 MHz Canadian border area, and 450-470 MHz bands. *10-1 thru 10-50 are standard among departments, 10-51 thru 10-100 may vary among departments. I'm thriving to make this the best Computer Aided Scanning program and suggestions are …. Sorry! While I'm at it, here's HF from the same source (NTIA), again either nationwide or region 6 (in kHz): 4766. com is the world's largest radio communications data management and media provider Contact Us Support 3. com Forums">FRS/GMRS New CB?. He can scan from 215-230 till the cows come home, he ain't finding a thing. Thread starter Various scanner programming tools can access the RadioReference database to download data. Last Updated: September 9, 2023, 7:44 am CDT [ Added Talkgroup to: Plant City …. Aircraft use Airband as their primary means of voice communication. They each feed back into my central server. So Here are my questions, Do I put all of the control channels for all of the simulcasts in the "Control Channel" Area. Licensed to Largo, Florida, USA, it serves the Tampa Bay area. There are no ribless cables that I'm aware of for MCS2000 radios. Joseph James Badura, age 43, of Phoenix, Arizona passed away on Sunday, January 30, 2022. Question on MDOT activity. Broward County (FL) Overview - Overview of sheriff, police, fire operations, and communities covered. The Real Time Clock (RTC) may have a capacitor for short term storage. “We selected Theatro because it provides our employees with a simple to use solution for communicating with each other as well as access critical, in-the-moment information from store management, product experts, HQ teams and stores systems to quickly answer customer questions. Hi guys, first post so go easy on me. com lists local police scanner frequencies in the United States and many other countries. i highly recomend this scanner. Discussions regarding Maryland Incidents and Breaking News. Scanner / Receiver Equipment Reviews. Top 20 Ham Radio Forums, Discussions, and Message Boards. Uniden creates another first with the SDS100 True I/Q Scanner and digital TrunkTracker communications receiver. If you are in a location with good radio coverage (remember the license…) a 5 watt radio may work just as well. Maryland Radio Discussion Forum New Member needs source for incidents …. Budget and Entry Level Transceivers. Often those new to radio will assume that more wattage is key to establishing communications. Have tried cleaning the squelch pot with no joy. 50 for a color license and £53 for a black and white license. Coordinates are exact location. 5 New Jersey State Police Unit IDs. Any volunteer database will have errors or omissions. RadioLog - Listen and record all your favorite feeds from your PC! ScannerLive - Turn your PC into an online-feed scanner! Official ScannerLive Forum and RR ScannerLive Forum. Those that were involved with banked scanning for years often find the new DMA scanners …. This page is devoted to usage, concepts, firmware and known issues. Drkatzjr45 said: Does anyone know how many agencies actually provide live call information to the public? Your best bet is look through the feeds on Broadcastify, if they are providing live feeds it is usually through them. 30) and put it in the Firmware folder on the SD card, inserted it in my BCD536HP and it updated just fine. 2 Streaming to Broadcastify 3 Related Links 4 RTL-SDR Based Products RTL-SDR Supported Frequency Ranges Supported frequency ranges depend on the tuner. This is not the forum to get technical advice from. especially for teaching me how to attach files to RadioReference forum messsages! Thanks again!-Johnnie (KC5IGH) T. ” Enter your information in the online forum, and wait to receive The Human Big Book at the address you provided. Not sure of the moto part number though. The file should be in the Documents folder. I have scan list made, and ABC switch set to scan off and on, but no luck. 09 straight from MOL I get this message "Can not create unknown radio component" immediate upon launching the program and when trying to read a radio. They're good radios, just pretty obsolete and getting long in the tooth at this point. How To Quickly Install Software for the AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO. Check DSD Installation and install the dependencies listed. com Web Service provides a common documented standard interface to the raw frequency and trunked radio data in the radio reference database. 4) Under the "Browse by County" section, select your county from the pull-down list and click on the Browse button. This is to include technologies such as VoIP, P25, DMR/TRBO, NXDN, D …. Welcome to the SDS100 and SDS200 FAQ page. Your best bet would be to use those brackets with the longer Comtelco whip antenna. Granted feature codes and that stuff play into the equation, but given that an APX8000 supports everything a APX7000 …. Discussions regarding Ontario Incidents and Breaking News. Windows Based Computer Applications That Connect Directly With RR Live Audio Feeds. Access to the download and programming RadioReference. FreeSCAN is a popular free application for programming the Uniden SC230, BC246T, UBC3500XLT, BR330T, BCD396T, BC346XT (C), BCD396XT, BCT15X, BCD996XT, BCT15 and BCD996T, and BCD996P2 scanners. For the IC-PCR100, IC-PCR1000, IC_PCR1500/IC-R1500, and IC_PCR2500/IC-R2500, see the TrunkPCR article. RadioReference Forums Scanner Software Support Additionally, most issues can be addressed by folks that live local to you. If your using the Eithernet connection with the SDS200 you should also do that for the Eithernet adapter on the computer. In the beginning stages of learning the material for the license test, and bought a handheld triband radio from a Amazon. Other Trunking Topics: Some PC based receivers have software that can simulate trunktracking functions. All new threads posted here will be …. Pictures Of Your Shack/Mobile Setup. Your Account Database Wiki Broadcastify Live Audio Help / Contact. A whole hour block at times just disappears a while after being "posted". Heard of RR through the french Infoscan site in Quebec. Clone express with XTS/XTL/APX has issues if you are cloning from a radio that has a different number/different systems. Free version is limited to a single cable. Welcome to the BCD436HP and BCD536HP Scanner FAQ. Balloons over North Texas, and a crash. Welcome to the forums: Yes we need specific agencies you're trying to bring in so we can get eyes on the database & identify potential pitfalls which may hinder your monitoring efforts (encryption, simulcast distortion, among others) to determine if your scanner is the right tool for the job. All requests will be deleted and a forum infraction issued. However, when the user attempts to toast numerous slices simultaneously, using the same toaster, the issue arises. Added dPMR link control display and AMBE+2 voice synthesis. Greetings Everyone, Have you ever used your radios to pull a prank on someone?. Coverage - Programming Software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage. In the UK, each television set in a household is taxed at the annual rate of £157. This chat platform made it possible for them to talk t. Monitor the talkgroups for the Allegan Garage and Southwest Operations. SA_tx_88116 said: I was playing in a football ball game on Wednesday and when I was standing on the the sideline I looked up and saw military Jets flying in a triangle formation which is awkward because they never do that then the next. The security base said this was channel 1. Not sure why you were unable to get your radios to work correctly. a question I'm working on a few radio's xts 3000. Plug the other end of the audio cable into your microphone jack/sound card of choice. Thanks to Mark at the RadioReference forum for the details. Very similar to the BC235XLT and Pro-90 in a base model. * Whistler Implemented the July 1st trojan code time bomb hidden in the 4. They can be referenced from the main page. Don't forget to rate the threads of good setups. Yes, also found much VHF MARS listed in that document as well, mostly "STATEWIDE" allocations with no specific location. com Public Content"), the submitting user retains ownership of such RadioReference. It's in like new condition and operates 100%. Lists all the articles about businesses which provide incident-alerting services to their subscribers, as submitted by the members. I had Sentinel loaded on it (Windows 11 Home edition) and it worked perfectly. You'll hear activity during the winter, especially in the Lake Effect Snowbelt where you are. It seems that enabling the MDT and then loading that personality changes the mode of the serial port, which makes further personality programming …. California Radio Interoperable System (CRIS) Project 25 Phase II. Live Incident Page (Updated 06/21/2019) Trunked Radio System related pages. He specifically said the spectra did not have enough memory to support the P25. scott31; Monday at 7:19 PM; Replies 13 Views 354. The Texas Department of Public Safety (otherwise known as DPS), is a state law enforcement agency responsible for "enforcing laws, administering regulatory programs, managing records, educating the public, and managing emergencies, both directly and through interaction with other agencies. The answer is to replace the B/O trace with a wire or, as others said, find a cheap replacement radio. cfg which can also include FMP24. I bought Win97 a week or so ago. Specific questions on these scanners can be directed to the Radio Shack Forum at Radioreference; be sure to look at the articles first. - the chances of hearing the 700 overlay are Slim to None. The primary benefit to this Web service is the ability for software developers to write applications that can support this standard process for …. Does wide band as intended for GMRS and also narrow band if you "must" talk to …. Additional listings are always welcome. Your Account Database Wiki Broadcastify Live Audio Help …. 3 then, according to some here 19. Facility ID, 51971 Radio stations in the Tampa–St. Order the scanner alone or build your own package with discounted accessories and HomeTown Programming. 1 Pulsepoint ID Key; third-party information cross-referenced from the Firefighter Wiki and the Utah Radio Discussion Forum here on Radioreference. For more information about the search tool, please expand the instructions below the search box. If you have big fingers, you know what that means. Reluctant at first, due to the programming, I found instead of monitoring the local PD and FD, I. How To Quickly Install Software for the AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO DMR Radio: Installing the right Computer Programming Software (CPS) can be stressful and certainl. Premium subscribers currently enjoy: Access to 365 days of archived recordings. Forum for the discussion of the Space Shuttle, Satellites, Military Satcom, and Amateur Radio Satcom communications. Comes with box, manual, all accessories. STEP 4: Check your Zello settings, make sure that your sound input is the one that your scanner is plugged into. Community Announcements and News. Regional Skywarn/Severe Weather. 10-19 Return to Station/Office. Hi, I can’t remember seeing a backup battery on the top or bottom of the main PCB, I have not checked the front panel PCB. Texas Radio Discussion Forum. it's few shortcomings do not seem to offset all the. What scanner for Ohio MARCS? Thread starter Rescue947; Start date Jan 31, 2022; Status Not open for further replies. Research and view thousands of user contributed radio communications reference topics. Discussions regarding Delaware Incidents and Breaking News. Explore and search our database of over 224K identified frequencies and 7. Michigan Incidents and Breaking News. Please post ANY Chicago related posts …. Thread starter vans113; Start date Sep 3, 2012; Status Not open for further replies. P25 [Phase I and II] and Analog [with some P25 Audio, but mostly Analog] IF we take the Point Location of Rte-495/Rte-90 and consider the P25 Sites Only. While you are watching the system, pay attention to what is reported for the DCC (color code) because that will be important. Manufactured after June 2018 I think is the line right now. It comes with build in rechargeable battery pack and AA battery option (AA kaito. A spectrum analyzer would but they tend to be expensive. 975: RM: 293 NAC: USCG NET 101: USCG NET 101: P25: Federal: 140. 1 Hattiesburg Police Department. This 'DMR_TIII_LCN_Freq_calc' is provided 'as is'. west-pac said: Almost nobody needs Provoice. You enter Systems and their associated Site Control and Alternate frequencies (Except Harris Systems, enter all site frequencies) 2. Administration topics for Broadcastify. This might not be the right place for that conversation, but I want to mention it nonetheless. From The RadioReference Wiki Without a doubt, decoding digital signals at the software level has grown in recent years, easily supplanting the hardware decoders, since software packages can be updated and are generally free of hardware constraints. Clarification for NXDN decoding. Hello would like to add a page about port authority of Allegheny county terminology. Broward County (FL) Fire/Rescue Stations - with addresses, by city/town. The software allows for set up and organization of your scanner. Indiana Incidents and Breaking News. Amateur Base/Mobile Transceivers. The trunked package is in upwards of $2,500. If your interested please send me a message. Oregon Radio Discussion Forum. P25 audio decode level adjustment. com Forums Forums Scanners, Receivers and Related Equipment Forums General Scanning Discussion For general questions not specific to a model of scanner or general discussion of use of a scanner. And there isn't enough market for a P25 radio for hobby/ham/industrial users. On the next screen, select “ZA-General Mobile Radio Service” from the very bottom of the drop down menu and click Continue. TBE Adams County 911 - Live Incident Page. Digital Voice for Amateur Use. Everytime someone keyed up there was that raspy noise at the beginning of the comms. Discussions regarding Louisiana Incidents and Breaking News. Out of the 24 frequencies above the R20 was better on 19 of them. com Forums">Airband frequencies. Interested in putting your scanner online for others to hear? Want to listen to other radios on the internet. Anyway i tried to log on and setup an account on the Form called "Communications Support for Radio Professionals" and the moderators suck. This is the place to discuss third party scanner programming and control software. The XPR5550 and XPR7550 units also come with the option board as 'standard', unlike the XPR4550 and XPR6550. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference for Indiana (IN). The conventional package is more reasonable though is still several hundred dollars. Make sure you have the latest version of the Whistler EZ Scan or TRX software loaded. Many retail stores in malls and strip malls use simplex radios to conduct their business. A forum to discuss decoding the various data transmissions such as ACARS, Mode-S, ADS-B, etc. Florida Breaking News and Incidents. X2-TDMA - Motorola public safety TDMA system with P25 style signaling (mostly based on DMR) DMR/MOTOTRBO - Digital. Under each System enter the Talkgroups associated with the System. provides a list of channel-codes for the 16 channels between 446. The RAN codes and UIDs remain the same during the season. base dll files in this version to stop the missing dll or wrong checksum messages. The RS web site seems to be long …. The R30 is rather impressively pulling in every single transmission (both pilot and controller). You switched accounts on another tab or window. but it never gets past that state, never pulls in the radio data. This is starting into the 'complicated' part of grounding. 170, 1129, 111609, 50, Normal, 3, 2023/08/10. Scanners, Receivers and Related Equipment Forums. Fleetcom no longer has any presence on 500 Duplex (the site where this system as well as a bunch of their other stuff was). This is not either of the two nearby repeaters ACY675 in Atlantic City or LEH675 in Little Egg Harbor Twp. Hello all, I am new to this form and to radios in general. Sometimes you will hear GMRS referred to as CB 2. ham topics ok? Thread starter joseph2020; Start date Jul 29, 2011; Status Not open for further replies. Sometimes you will hear GMRS referred to as ham radio 2. For general questions not specific to a model of scanner or general discussion of use of a scanner. To test, enter the CC frequency, select "TDMA CC" on the power-up mode, and press the button. So your analogy isn't really relevant. You only need to enter in the control channel frequencies for the north zone. GPS Cable Wiring For Uniden BCD436HP Police Scanner. Also, see the VHF Marine Channel Renumbering for Great Lakes Region Thread-- Jan 2017. Around 200 miles or 350 kilometres. dll or whatever in its folder I believe, don't think its in there by default if memory serves. We are working every day to make sure our community is the best Radio Hobbyist's site. Zone 1 (Dist 16 and 17) radio: 460. BLUE HIGHLIGHT in the excel spreadsheet are changes or "confirmations" of in use frequencies and PL/DPLs in use at the Coke Zero 400 last night. Dorf411 said: I was speaking directly to M support when I was told that an Astro Spectra would need hardware upgrade in addition to firmware at a cost of approx $1,400-$1,500. 225 MHz splits, as shown in 47 CFR 90. PSRN Technical Discussion. Joined Sep 15, 2003 Messages 378. Other audio questions go here: Streaming /Broadcasting / Audio Recording forum. Average Battery life: 30hrs (Standby), 5-5-90 duty cycle: 12hrs (2W), 6hrs (high power) This page was last edited on 12 February 2016, at 00:26. My RadioReference and My Broadcastify custom content watch lists. This is a place holder for discussion on this topic. Regional Radio Discussion Forums. Kenwood TK 805d-1 16 channel with scan and front panel program options. com Forum — Open Website >> Shop Products. Unfortunately, so is the Pro-95 manual. It receives quite an impressive coverage of frequencies 29Mhz to 1300 Mhz. I think the normal listener can no longer really hear anything after the 23cm amateur radio band. South Carolina Forum Welcome to the Charleston County, South Carolina collaboration article. 200 432 DPL - NASCAR Race Control*. CTCSS/DCS scan is on but does not decode anything. I haven't talked on GMRS in a couple of year's and I'm looking to get back into it. A subscription to RadioReference allows you to easily download the frequencies and systems you want to monitor. com ">Lots of strange military activity in SA. " Texas DPS is divided into 6 Regions, with …. DENVER: High School Shooter On The Loose!. com Public Content; with respect to publicly-available statistical content which is generated by the site to monitor and display. Thread starter axp; Start date Dec 30, 2012; Status Not open for further replies. AK9R said: Since there's no amateur radio allocation at 220 MHz, I'm not surprised there's no activity there. Making a request such as this is attempting to engage in software piracy and this forum cannot be involved or associated with this activity. You can also show streets, street names, county boundries, range, zoom in or out to get a clearer picture of the area. … 201 Next Filters T WinRadio Excalibur hardware and software use Hints and Basics (picture heavy) Token Sep 24, 2011 2 3 Replies 47 Views 68K May 24, 2019 Montygew M SDR on the RadioReference Wiki WayneH Dec 5, 2010 Replies 0 Views 32K Dec 5, 2010 WayneH D MPT-1327 dmchalmers Sep 28, 2023 Replies 12 Views. I cant seem to get RM to fully read my radio. com Software forum, instead of asking via email or on other groups/forums. Not sure on how these would work for the 536hp and 996p2. From The RadioReference Wiki The Ohio State Highway Patrol (abbreviated OSHP or OSP) has 55 patrol posts in ten districts, each post covering up to three of Ohio's 88 counties or a portion of the Ohio Turnpike. So I was messing around with the MDT features on the XG100M. Current and future radar maps for assessing areas of precipitation, type, and intensity. Two of the Nascar frequencies remain analog for fans and NASCAR teams to monitor. You do not need to enter in all. The shield of the feed line should be connected to ground. It won't add any value to the scanner either, since whoever you sell it to 10 years from now won't have any use for Provoice either. Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag; 139. You signed out in another tab or window. RVN4183 - Astro Spectra Mobiles. Newbie here, for our business we are using DTR 650's and wanted to see if it is possible to build …. Neither are cheap (~$100) and do not expect complete coverage but they are as good as it gets. You can certainly put that talk group for the Coast Guard into the. BC125AT: No audio from programmed channels Bearcat 125AT. Saint said: A talkgroup is an assigned group on a trunked radio system. Indiana Radio Discussion Forum. There's much more profit to be made in selling literally thousands of highly reliable radios to any given individual public safety organization (and there are many such organizations) than there ever could be in selling lower priced radios built to a cheap price point to mere mortal civilians. Manufacturer specific posts should be directed to the appropriate forums below and location specific posts should go in the appropriate regional forum. The warning system, as implemented here at RadioReference, allows the moderation staff to issue warnings to those users who need to be notified of a problem with their activity in the forums. As a personal computer peripheral, this device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Utility website for frequencies. My scanner days were with crystal scanners so please be patient with me. Plug in both dongles and then open Unitrunker. Talking with the Unication folks, they pretty much suggested it was a dead end product since they knew they were unlikely to take any market share away from the bigger name players. Discussions regarding Oklahoma Incidents and Breaking News. It does the auto read, where it pulls the serial in, radio beeps on/off, and all is normal. Note that Freescan may currently not have the capability to check for NXDN or DMR/MOTOTRBO. Unplugging and plugging back in does not fix the problem. specifies that the channel code is calculated based on the frequency. We pride ourselves on welcoming Radio Hobby enthusiasts of all types, while offering unbiased, informative, and friendly discussion among the members. P25 is a global platform not only used by Harris, but Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and others. As to the output, FRS is limited to 2 watts on channels 1 though 7 and 15 through 22. Areawide Trunking Systems in California. Joined Jun 26, 2001 Messages 13,159 Location Central Ontario. Standard timing for Quick Call II is 1 second / 3 seconds, and 8 seconds for long (group) tones. Most recent (well, built in the last 20 - 30 years anyway) quality ham tranceivers have it default based on the bandplan. com provides radio communications reference information, RadioReference. I don't have an exact date when I started keeping it but it goes back several years! Enjoy! Location: Home (Bergen County NJ) 530 CHLO Brampton ON 540 wccs Canonsburg PA 550 wddz Pawtucket, RI 550 wgr Buffalo ny 580 CFRA Ottawa ON 600 wicc Bridgeport …. Go to the original zone and drag drop what you want from it. i receive a ton of civil air hit's on the gre base. The older versions would give you this message, as I believe they changed some of the site security settings a while back and the …. See a real view of Earth from space, providing a detailed view of. It appears that Foxboro PD uses 470. Please specify a search query or the name of a member. Light scratches on the screen as expected with a mobile scanner. Also if you're using a ribless cable for your waris series radios you will need a RIB for the MCS radios. Tri-band 144/420/220 "base unit" K3DHJ; Feb 20, 2023; 0; 0. Local area specific discussion for the San Francisco Bay area including the North, East and South Bays. For general chit-chat and non-technical discussion specific to Uniden and does not fall within the above forum topics. Project25_MASTR said: Firmware updates for XTL and XTS series radios are NLA. If you applied to renew your license before the expiration date, the FCC will allow you to keep operating until they straighten out the processing on their end. I went and turn on my wifi on the phone and was able to log in. The radio shuts down as it is supposed to do, but then after about a minute the control head powers back up and displays "Maintenance Mode" and I think is says Remote. New Member needs source for incidents Balto Co=1st responder …. However, a better source of information would be the good folks on the Ohio forum. Please click the link below for more information on pictures. What you want to do is go to zone and add a new zone. Station 1 (Elkridge VFD)-Engine 11, Engine 13, Rescue Squad 1, Med/Amb 15, Med/Amb 16, Brush 18, Utility 1. Make sure your power connections are clean and tight and then check your voltages during both RX and TX. , SWRNN Monday, May 3, 2010 Authorities arrested a 29-year-old San. It will fully seat on the scanner, and has an o-ring to maintain the weather resistance of the scanner. This is the default encode settings for most radios, and it isn't even adjustable on some Motorola radios (e. com Forums">For emergencies. Installing a radio on an ATV. I have a Yaesu FT-60r which was purchased new ~10 years ago and its receive performance has never been as good as several other HT's I own or have sampled, despite using the exact same antenna (Signal Stuff 18" dual band) and holding each radio side by side and while moving around. Ion Commercial Smart Radio. For HF tranceiver discussion please use the Amateur Radio Equipment forum above. On the CH100 head, you can toggle the mode of the serial port, but with an CH721 or HHC731, you can’t…. I’ve been involved in scanning since the early 70’s, and have seen changes and improvements over the years. Then the control channel coordinates the system so talkgroups can share these frequencies seamlessly. New to NorthShore Mandeville, any tips on local channels? Jul 12, 2023. Hi everyone, have bought a wouxun UV2Q (updated version of UV9D PLUS) and was cheated becase the radio is described in TX from 136 to 174 Mhz and 400 to 512. The purpose of this page is to provide a quick reference to the county public safety dispatch frequencies in Illinois, which may be especially beneficial for traveling. Antennas and Associated Hardware. Also a word of warning, as mentioned ad-nauseum on these forums. Hello All, Just got a new computer because my old one 'flamed out'. com Forums">AOR Receivers. This forces the website to maintain its own list of active receivers and reduces maintenance on this end. Click on the arrow and link that says “Get Free Guide. Support available through the RadioReference forum. Texas Incidents and Breaking News. Petersburg–Clearwater, Florida market. Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP) (OH). If you're talking about 1F20, the 900MHz system that Fleetcom ran, no it has been down for a number of years and the equipment scrapped. 6 NJ State Police Radio Tower Sites. Depends on the application, I think. com Open Reference Source, the Radio Communications Resource that any RadioReference user can edit. For those who want to wirelessly stream audio & data from a Uniden BCD536HP and remote control the scanner using the Web Server or RSOIP (Remote Scanner Over IP) feature in ProScan. DaneCom uses those frequencies. Aftershock Festival 2023 - STA License. Leave the control channel out and program just the voice slot for the control. Having trouble deciding what scanner to get? Want to learn about scanning? Check out the Scanning 101 article; Like all hobbies, scanning is full of terminology that can be confusing to a newcomer. Problems listening to railways and questions on how railways use radios. Premium subscription benefits. It's a tough decision with labor around $100 and used radio around $200 (+/- $100). This is a large and very visible forum. com Forums">Uniden Prospective Owners. com Forum Thread: "2019 Daytona 500" Radioreference. Howard County, MD Stations and Apparatus. In the CB world everyone within your general vicinity was part of the conversation. 1/4 wave VHF whip at 18 inches will get you excellent performance on 2 meter band with lots of usable bandwidth to give excellent receive performance across the VHF band. franks_ham said: In the particular case I'm talking about, the audio was there for about 30 minutes before it was deleted. Nov 27, 2020 #11 mciupa said: Just looking at the distance for this capture. First, install prerequisites if you haven't built any variety of DSD before. If all fails the standard would have been to send it into depot. Simply run these steps to clone and build DSD-FME w/ pulseaudio support. The information included here is to serve as a supplement to the data found on the Radioreference. FWIW, the shipboard repeater pairings for the US are 10. Search for United States City/Location. Access to the magazine is only within. For scanner users, it can be useful for determining whether a frequency is analog or digital, and even whether the frequency transmits voice …. 04 and I want to reband the scanner. Metro what is wrong with you guys there ?? Harris is coming up with new firmware almost every month on average now. "palefacepete" I need to know if I buy a new. Not sure what the deal was fighting this for a year. com Forums">Australia Radio Discussion Forums. com; and first-party recordings of VHF tones and radio traffic …. At 222-225 MHz, you might find something. 0 was worked on a long time and was to be the fix and Metro put a line in the sand for 19. 1 New Jersey State Police Disposition Codes. There was a Pro-2050"A" released in 2000 …. The international split is only 10 MHz (as linked by MMc above), so they conflict with the US GMRS inputs. OK it's Albany, Louisiana Police Department. New Hampshire Radio Discussion Forum. The strength of the RT connection is the ability to create a database and use it in more than on radio through other RT software. PMR-171 SDR HF VHF UHF Transceiver. Two officers shot near 30th and Post. gary123 said: I was talking to a MTO Enforcement Officer. Import Radio Reference Error. Login Register Explore our data and community Database Explore and search our database of over 224K identified frequencies and 7. Hopefully they will develop a similar digital feature in the future. This is an update to the great Frequency Scanner plug-in for SDR#. I noticed that the 11/22 release of Tapatalk for IOS V6. FRS channel numbers commonly used by 22 channel radios are shown in the leftmost column. I have a BCD436HP, or, I could go with a 996p2 with remote head. Thread starter Watchman1; Start date Feb 22, 2018; Status Not open for further replies. 0 A cable – Red and Black wires only. Has PDF documentation for setup and …. The NXDN (Next Generation Digital Narrowband) common air interface protocol, which was developed jointly by ICOM and Kenwood, uses Frequency Division Multiple Access ( FDMA ), employing a 4-level FSK modulation scheme. Cobb County, GA Stadium Crime Zone. Due to a USB cabling problem (now resolved), I DL'd the latest FW from here (1. From The RadioReference Wiki The Uniden SDS100 is a handheld scanner manufactured by Uniden America released in Q2 of 2018 with an introductory MSRP of $699 It is the first scanner to incorporate I/Q technology and SDR (Software Defined Radio) in a handheld scanner. Here is what you need to do to apply the 1. com Forums">Stupid New Guy Question about CB. Discussions regarding Michigan Incidents and Breaking News. Locked "Test-it" table at hamfests. Ham radio uses several bands, but the most popular (and the ones you can hear skywarn weather spotters on during storms) are: 2 meter band : 144 to 148 MHz. Louisiana Radio Discussion Forum. Joe was an active participant here on the site, know as @cellphone - and helped out out tremendously with work on the RadioRererence …. I see SLERS has two different systems listed and am wondering if I still need to program both or has one been pretty much replaced. Please use another appropriate forum for transceivers. Radio Reference has a lot to offer members and non-members alike, but in the past (in my opinion) some of the things got overlooked or forgotten about, such as the wiki. Forum for discussing Radio Information in the State of South Carolina. Make sure you are 100% absolutely entering the exact same password on each device. Now, still in Sentinel, click on the File drop-down menu. Awaiting a new Receiver a almost newe Sony ICF-2010 coming next week! Will post a few pics when it arrives. I have recently bought a Motorola R7 mainly because we use a very basic Motorola system at work just simplex but with basic privacy, to my knowledge motorolas privacy is proprietary. San Antonio, Whitefish, New Orleans. Starting multiple threads on the same subject is known as cross-posting and is a violation of RadioReference forum rules RadioReference. Both sides like to argue, throw rocks, and generally insult each other. Programming it can be as simple as entering …. Talk Group ID,Frequency,Tone,RSSI,UID,Mod. A cell site or BTS encompasses all the equipment needed to transmit and process cellular signals between devices. In the first image the -i4M is the DSD+ input from audio input device #4 'Cable-A Output (VB-Cable ' which is the digital audio coming from Unitrunker to DSD+ via VB-Cable Output in mono mode. We cannot jeopardize the ability to provide the RadioReference services by allowing this. com Reactions: wpstinson1963, IdleMonitor, west-pac and 2 others. I'd like to start a new thread for the SIRN so it could be done yearly and retire the old one for use as reference (If you all want to keep the other thread as it is that is fine too ) I agree mike keep the old as a sticky (and the title should read WVSIRN 2013) Last edited: Dec 20. South Carolina Radio Discussion Forum. Especially when my situation took place. There should be lots of logging information in the console. It features the ability to track both conventional and trunked radio systems at the same time. This frequency is channel 001h (lowest possible channel) Channel 002 will be 6. Scanner / Receiver Equipment Reviews. That add-on is a waste of money for most people. Hi All: Not sure if this is the place to post this but i tried other form threads but it didn't work. The XPR 6550 only holds 16 channels max per zone, and since you'll be programming most freq's twice this could put you over the 16 CH max. the google query would look like this: Chicago PD district for (insert address). The color tax rate converts to $199. But then, I read in some forum somewhere that a person considering the 503 should look at the 505v. 9 miles ('search distance') from …. Forum for discussion of Radio Information in the United Kingdom. 9/22 West Milford House Explosion. This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s). com The world's largest radio communications data management and media provider. Each of these sites provide access to the full magazine; however, they only stock a small number of back issues. This radio receiver has great performance in sensitivity, selectivity and combating interference of mirror stations (image rejection). Check out the SDS100 and Accessories on Ebay - https://rover. New Homepage and New MyRR Page. The software works in conjunction with the TETRA demodulator plugin for SDR#. Welcome to the "Category:Incident Alerting Services" category. Located between Augusta,GA and Greenwood,SC (62. I have done this a few times before with different bricks and portables with zero problems at all. HF Gateway - Covers the various services and what can be heard in this range. It is an option, but greatly improves flexibility in any conventional or trunked system. I feel like we know have 3 distinct scanner websites, not one unified site. Unlike a traditional scanner that switches between multiple frequencies but can only …. HF/50MHz/70MHz/VHF/UHF All-mode Portable SDRradio, 100kHz - 2GHz receptions, ham radio bands covering the 160m to 70cm. Wiki Home Recent Changes Wiki Search. This is only for calculating LCNs for DMR TIII. com Forums">Uniden Forums. Begin of CSX McCormick Sub/End of CSX Augusta Sub. Discord for those who dont know is a place where most gamers come to chat about certain topics related to video games, and have funBut there have been a couple of radio-electronic related servers popping up such as Sigidwiki Discord server (which has become a popular place for especially things related to signals and radio), but I have not. On the support end of things, yes, Unication does interact with the scanner hobbyist community and they do pay attention to our feedback. P25 digital decode threshold adjustments allow user to control of how digital system are decoded inside the scanner. Receiver incorporates the HomePatrol database of all known radio systems in the USA and Canada. East Patchogue, NY (Suffolk County) Jan 7, 2017. Forum for discussing Radio Information in the State of Oregon. Over on the RadioReference forums there is a thread discussing the use of the OP25 decoding software which can be found here. Ever since the early days of Pong, computer gaming has been an engaging pastime. Discussion of Uniden supplied programming software such as Sentinel is also welcome here. These instruction guides also applies to the SDS200. RISCON is a simulcast system, …. One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. Thread starter staceytice; Start date …. Communication CB Radios Marine Radios Scanners Two Way Radios (GMR/GMRS) Cordless Phones. There are 4 different power settings for this radio. Minneapolis (ZMP) Air Route Traffic Control Center From The RadioReference Wiki. Forums for the discussion of all Uniden scanning radios and receivers. The Lafayette District was selected as a testing district for the new system. The files you are showing FMPA. I've been seeing some cheap MCS-2000 type 2's on fleabay, and am considering buying one. com Forums">Industry Discussion. Discussions regarding Indiana Incidents and Breaking News. But 30 Miles is not a stretch with Unitrunker and a Yagi. I have also made some good friends on here as well, so here is to another good 20 years, t=with the good Lord willing. If there are more than one, then there will be more than one connection. General discussion forum for amateur radio topics not covered elsewhere. The DSD Interface and DSD TCP are basically the same plug-in, the only real difference is how the source data is served to DSD+. Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) - connect audio applications, route and mix sounds (muzychenko. Forums; Wiki; Live Audio; Premium; You have no new messages. The Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT) Family comprises the AN/USC-43 Tactical Terminal (TACTERM), the KY-99A Miniaturized Terminal (MINTERM), and the KY-100 Airborne Terminal (AIRTERM). WinRadio G31DDCe, G33DDCe, G39DDCe. Hi everyone, I am using SDRSharp with an Airspy Mini running at 10 MSPS and I am using 64x decimation. Joined Feb 10, 2019 Messages 8,091 Location Baltimore County, MD. 1" in the forums, looking to see where the Thunderbirds Ground Ops went. TD Banknorth Garden 900MHz DMR Motorola …. Software package published by Uniden, for their HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100 and SDS200 scanners; freeware that allowing all users to download and try, before purchase of the scanners. com Forum Thread: “Indy 500” - 2015 report Radioreference. Structure Fire Downtown Tulsa -people may be trapped. Always liked tinkering with radios and figured be fun to learn and do. It excludes frequencies used only for paging such as 152. As you know now I have a BC 306xt scanner. For general and technical discussion of all receivers which cover the HF bands. Submisssions Opened 2023-10-19. The Tecsun GR-98 is the latest DSP emergency radio designed by Tecsun. I've recently had time to get back into SDR after a few years and I'm having some issues with my new tuners and software.